The perils of containing multitudes

modern_cronos_yacht_02Being in a long-term writing fugue is like existing in two places at once.  This isn’t something that gets turned on and off; the worlds running around in here are just there, all the time.  When the boiler pressure is high, they exist at the same time, the inner world translating a version of itself onto the outer one.  It’s almost-but-not-quite what the mysterious They often describes as schizophrenia, but since I’m aware of it I assume it’ll be okay.

Though I have occasionally found myself wondering what I’ll do if it just gets stronger and stronger as I get older.

Oh, well. That’s not a worry for today.  Today’s worries are mostly plot-driven.  No spoilers though.

The weather is warm and I am daydreaming of shucking my house, putting things into the RV and various trailers, and self-shifting to rural Colorado or Montana.  Fortunately, the RV still lacks an engine, so there will be no impulse-moves today.