Signings, shinings and renegade readings: Penguicon 2015


It’s Monday morning and I am an astoundingly tired little creature, having survived and thrived through another Penguicon. This year I had a partner in crime; the marvelous Patty Templeton, with whom I shared a selling table and was proud to show off some of my favorite bits of Detroit for.  Delightful random chatter, book sales, and a visit to City Club conspired to make this one of the most pleasant con weekends ever.  Without getting too autobiographical, we had a fantastical combined table setup, survived on snacks and on the last day of the con we threw a reading right there in the hallway, joined by Rosemary van Deuren from around the corner.  (By the by, I loved both Patty and Rosemary’s books so much that I’ve been selling them on consignment whenever I have table space and permission).


When you read in the hall, you have to shout.  Also, I’m holding the laptop awkwardly because I was reading from first-draft copy from Holly’s book. (Penguicon is an all-ages event and I had to find a scene without Swan in it, so I wasn’t shouting F-bombs down the hall.)11102942_10205660656169996_360653693617494690_n

In spare moments, I just wrote, as I often do at cons.  Selling stuff is social enough–I’m usually so drained by a hundred little interactions that I’d rather retreat when there’s extra time rather than cramming more activities in.  Emmy is really not that good at networking, it turns out.  11174827_10206790308905063_1031632386049166752_n

And now, as stated previously, it is Monday and I am thoroughly worn out, but still doing day-job things on a sort of shellshocked autopilot.  Everyone is home safe, and…eh, that’s about all I have.