Rocking until dropping

Occasional autobiographical entry after an unusually eventful and multi-disciplined weekend.  It started off the way good weekends in my old Livejournal used to: with a wonderfully cathartic and introspective trip to the club, of course.

The club in question was Smalls’ Industrial Is Not Dead night, a home-away-from-no-longer-existent-home of sorts, and the collective that is us went early because of a planned early-Saturday reveille.  But!  Empty little club was a good space, and a groove better than we’ve experienced in many months was found.  We’re a bit out of shape from lack of bouncy, but the fuel was good, in an old-stuff and new-stuff way.  New Rotersand is pretty pleasing, and fare like “Document,” “Velocity,” “Stalker” and so on is practically comfort food.  We stayed later than we planned to, and got home…some time after that.

We were up bright and early at five, too.  The ridiculous cargo bike we built back in March needed some re-engineering, and a friend at the Falls City Ironworks in Lousiville, KY, offered to help usredesign the front end to take out its death wobble and make the thing ridable.  So, we stuffed the massive bike into a trailer and headed south for welding work. IMG_4053
From Louisville, we headed even farther south, to Bowling Green, KY, to pick up some necessary parts for Bovril, and then, since we were as far down I-65 as we were, continued on to Nashville.  While there, we borrowed a stripped-down Honda Pacific Coast PC800 to use as a post-apoc two-wheeler, to go along with Bovril and Terranova.

We’ve lost you, haven’t we?  Never mind, it’ll be cool later.  And our trailer…was pretty well stuffed.  Best way to travel, really; head out with cargo space, return fully loaded with plunder.IMG_4069 IMG_4070


We also found amusing antiques.