Prosical Stylings of Cat with Disordered Mind


  • Brain Radio has been odd; stuck on “Hotel California,” “Stand By Me” and “Come Together” as if intentionally trying to taunt me with the fact that I only like one of those songs.  Also, it’s repeatedly rewriting “Come Together” as a car ad.  “This new S60, it got…blind spot warning, it got…turbocharger it got…”
  • Am excited for Mad Max: Fury Road but also experiencing a funky form of creative trepidation.  High-profile post-apoc stuff lately has been of the Hunger Games/Divergent style, and thus doesn’t bear much resemblance to Empty Cradle‘s world.  But The Road Warrior was of course a big influence on me, so the aesthetic has a lot of similarities to mine.  So I can’t wait to see the movie, but am also a little worried that stuff will happen that then forces me to cut things out of the third Empty Cradle book to avoid being accused of stealing it from Fury Road.  Case in point: one of my new characters is a badass female fighter sporting a low-tech prosthetic arm.  Trailers for Fury Road show…a badass female fighter sporting a prosthetic arm.  Well, shit; if she’s a prominent character, possibly unwanted links are likely to be drawn if I keep mine. What to do?  Does that make sense, or am I overly paranoid?  Maybe it’s noticeable because my writing is generally a boundary-less playground and it’s unusual/uncomfortable to find myself constrained by outside sources.
  • Mountain Dew Baja Blast makes me happy.  I know it’s rotting my teeth, but as vices go it ain’t a bad one to have.  And I can stop any time I want.
  • From my Facebook:  “You can tell me that you don’t pretend that your lawnmower is an airborne dreadnaught fighting a pitched battle in the skies of some dark dieselpunk dystopian landscape, but I’ll just wonder how you tolerate yardwork.”