Exit the Fist


“911, what is your emergency?”

*spash* “Well, it’s very strange.  I was at the Hyatt, downtown,” *spash* “and I didn’t realize that there was a Trump rally going on.  I guess he was speaking?” *spash*  “Anyway, I got on the elevator and Donald Trump himself actually got on the elevator with me.” *spash*

“What is that noise?  Are you okay?”

*spash* “I’m sorry, I’ve got you on speaker phone.  Can you hear okay?” *spash*

“I can hear you just fine, but what’s your emergency?”

*spash* “Well, I said hello, and he said hello back,” *spash*  “and then I just…started punching him. And I can’t seem to stop.” *spash*

“Excuse me?”

*spash* “I can’t stop!  It’s like I have no control over my muscles!” *spash*

“Are you still punching him right now? Is that the noise?”

*spash* “Yes!  I think I might need an ambulance.”