Don’t presume to know me

The world’s slinging so many big annoyances and stressors my way (Baltimore and the larger issues surrounding it are the tip of the shitcake) that I’ve signed off of Facebook for the day, just to clear my head a bit.  This gives me a moment to think about the little annoyances and stressors floating around the world.

Like this one: I popped by Car And Driver’s web page, and before I could start reading the article I was interested in, a big black window popped up exhorting me to subscribe to the site so I could check out “the most beautiful cars.”  Or, it demurred, I could decline, which obviously must mean that I prefer minivans.

Really, C&D?  What the shit?  So, if I want to be cool, I should join your club site, and if I don’t I’m a smelly poopy buttface? Are we suddenly back in Ms. Spurling’s class?

I mentioned this to some friends, who pointed out that it’s actually a pretty common tactic, the marketing equivalent of negging.  This is the first step down the road that leads to the world posited in Idiocracy, you know.


I’m not against marketing, advertising, or trying to sell a product.  And by all means, do present your product to me in an appropriate forum, if you honestly think I’ll be interested.  I’ll probably listen.  And I’m a ridiculous little consumer, I love to buy stuff.  But know this, advertisers and marketers:  I don’t respond well to manipulation.  If you present your product to me, and you fuck with me to do so, then the message that I take away is going to be that you fucked with me.  It should follow that this will put you low on the “would consider purchasing” list.  Learn from Car and Driver:  I love that magazine, have loved it for years.  But I won’t be visiting the website again.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled diet of actual, significant world problems.