Whose motorcycle is this?

Okay, so here’s another version of the story that’s been posted at my other blogs:  while it’s fun to post my writing where one or two people might be moved to look at it, Looking for Strange has, generally, been pretty sterile and not all that special as far as writers’ websites go.  So I’m going to try to make it more special.  The writing challenges and occasional inclusion of others’ work is just the beginning, ha-HA! 

Basically, I’ve got three blogs at the moment:  a fiction blog, an automotive-writing blog, and a general life-blog.  To focus my efforts a bit better (and to make things more personal in the process) I’m killing off the life-blog and letting more of me come through in the other two.

What that means is that Looking for Strange is going to expand a little.  The fiction will still be here, but you’re also going to find the “club reports” that I’m in the habit of making as I wander around the country visiting goth clubs and hearing new music, and perhaps some of the more interesting places that I visit.  Oh, you didn’t know I spent the better part of the last two years living in a motorhome and wandering around the U.S.?  Well, there’ll be more about that as well; I’m not in the RV at the moment, but I do tend to get around.  Sometimes I might even blog about my writing process, or do book reviews and movie reviews.  Or whatever.  What you’re going to see here, in addition to the fiction, is more of the chronicle of my own personal search for strange.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.