Turn around and run ’em into our backup, or bang it?

The latter, always the latter. This is a thing I have noticed about myself; even as a shy, stagefrighty introvert who hates confrontation and controversy, I tend not to shy away from a thing that needs to be done.  And if I think I’m going to want to shy away, then I’ll set myself up so I can’t.  A visible commitment, a lack of comfortable alternatives, whatever it takes.

Relativity to this past weekend at ConVergence?  Only the reminder-to-self that all the stagefright in the world doesn’t seem to matter once a panel or a presentation or a reading gets rolling. The weekend in Minneapolis was reasonably busy, with panels on Thursday and Friday, a reading with Patty T on Friday and a book signing on Saturday.  Immediately prior to the reading of course, there was that “I changed my mind, I don’t want to do this at all, I have to go” feeling, but it exists solely to be powered through, not obeyed.  I did my best to channel Shiloh and the folks in attendance (a decent number of them in fact) enjoyed the sneak peek at Holly’s book.

I always enjoy panelling at ConVergence, because the audiences are engaged and attentive and interactive across the board.  There seem to be less trolls at this event than at others I’ve been to also, but that may be luck of the draw.  I got to chat with folks about parenting after the apocalypse, cheesy post-apoc movies and wrapped it up with a big Mad Max series retrospectacle panel, which was a good time.  My only regret is that Patty didn’t have the idea to get photos of post-apoc cosplayers with Corey’s book sooner–there was a gaggle of Warboys and Furiosas at the Mad Max panel who weren’t there on Saturday, when the idea occurred to us whilst hanging around our signing table.

IMG_3456 IMG_7852


That’s okay, though.  Now I have a game for the next con.

ConVergence is also a place of consuite rice, Vilification Tennis, the delightful “Bag End” and “Toast” room parties (there are over 40 room parties to choose from, by the by), and my favorite belly dancer Luna Rouge was apparently running around as well, but I didn’t get to see her perform.  (Clarification: some people say “my favorite” to imply friendship or some connection. I don’t actually know Luna Rouge, she’s just literally my favorite belly dancer.)

Downside: I didn’t have time to play around in Minneapolis, see any of my in-town friends, or visit the felid Stronghold Mall of America.  So I’ll just have to go back.  Armadilly can handle this.

Mindful of the ten-hour run to get home, Sashakovich and I jumped back onto the freeway first thing Sunday.  It was just as well, since we ran into shitty, shitty traffic before escaping Wisconsin, and added about three hours to the trip.  Prior to that, though, we added another three hours to our travel time because there was the Hixton Antique Mall.  Located in an old school building, this place just wouldn’t stop unfolding, room after room of Neat Stuff, and plunder was collected. There was also a delightful dose of antique-horror:

“Miss Friday! Noooooo!”
Little ceramic babies demonstrate “sick of your shit” in interpretive dance.
Snow White has come for your soul.


Yeah.  Good store.

Oh, I also added about 2300 words to the new book, but that’s not important right now.