The bear is still there.

I have been a veritable whirlwind of activity the past few days. I’ve helped people move, mowed my lawn and others’, given rides to complete strangers, deep-fried a turkey for a birthday party, written a whole bunch of articles (including a moderately entertaining rant against car-guy sexism), took steps toward having tenants move out so I can have my house to myself again, made progress on getting the harder-better-faster-stronger engine installed in Terranova the post-apoc RV, and bought and dragged home an ’81 Mercury Capri to be turned into a post-apoc pursuit rig.


Incidentally that bit turned out to be more exciting than expected; the Capri was in the right place at the right time at the right price, when I had a nebulous thought of starting work on a companion for Terranova, the better to have a nice Empty Cradle spread at the post-apoc Reloaded event coming up in October, but it wasn’t till after I got it home that I remembered that I used to daydream about Capris when I was eleven and twelve. I had a yearning for a bubbleback (the new car doesn’t have the bubbleback, but still), and it rekindled a little when I got the new car home. Since it will eventually be a sexy chunk of vehicular mayhem, I wanted to name it “Sigrud,” after the character in City of Stairs, but the car got home and looked at me and announced that its name was “Bovril.”  I guess I can’t be too disappointed with a dieselpunk perspicacious loris, though.

IMG_8814The next steps are to start repairing rust and a serious cleaning. Bovril may have had an opossum living in it for some time before coming to roost at the Carpet Ship.

All of this excitement is overshadowing the even bigger bounce of excitement coming up fast, in the form of ConVergence.  I haven’t done a con in a few months, so I’ll be taking a relatively high-profile trip to ‘Vergence.  This year’s theme is dystopian and Fury Road’s got post-apoc in people’s minds; seems like a good time to try and make some new friends.  I’ll be teaming up with Patty Templeton to read and sign again, too. In addition to reading and scribbling, I’ll be doing panels on post-apocalyptic parenting, cheesy post-apoc films and a Mad Max retrospective, just to keep things shiny and chrome. I’ll be roaming the party circuit too–ConVergence has the high honor of being the only con where I actually do that, it turns out.  If you’re going to be in Minneapolis, come say hi!