Making stuff, 2

IMG_4135 And  the saga continues.  I’ve been silent about it, but progress has been made on Terranova, the post-apoc nomad’s rig inspired by Empty Cradle.  Now that the first draft of Holly’s book is done, you want an update?

Well, we finally got the engine in the thing, after much grunting, pushing and pulling, and now we’re into the part where we try to puzzle it back together again after having parts scattered all over the garage for two years.  Uhmm…shitfuck.  We tried to stay organized, but that’s pretty much impossible in our garage, come right down to it.  But hey!  The heavy lifting is done, and the intake manifold is back where it belongs, and that’s Major Progress.  Next step is reassembly.  We may have to call an adult.

IMG_4136 One day soon, though it will roar again.  No, seriously, it will, at least until we get an exhaust on it. It’ll have to go to a shop for that though, because we are just not prepared to deal with trying to mess with those headers without a hoist.  Ivy is happy with the rig’s progress.

No, that’s totally a lie, she’s impatient as hell and wants to get the thing mobile.  One step at a time, Miss Aniram.  IMG_4149

Meanwhile, the interior hasn’t gone ignored.  Sashakovich helped us redo the table with a slab of salvaged wood and the application of some sweet tarot cards; hopefully it will survive a coat of epoxy so it’ll be usable as a table.  The couch is almost done being refinished, and once there’s power we can move on to the interior appliances.

Terra’s got new seats and heavy-duty flooring up front now, too.  Not quite finished because the dash will still need tearing apart for new wiring, but once done, there’s redecorating for up front also. Since this photo was shot, I ripped out the dash and steering column and ran some of the new wires, but the steering column is proving to be a bit of a headache as the old and new parts don’t match up at all.  IMG_4150

There’s a lot left to do, and not as much time as I’d like to do it in. Not nearly.  Will Terranova make it to Wasteland Weekend?  It’s not certain yet.