Making stuff, 1


This summer is for preparing vehicles for Wasteland Weekend, if I am not writing.  Heavy prep is underway.  I won’t bore you overmuch with the details, but Terranova and Bovril both are in for significant upgrades.

By the numbers:  first, Bovril has gotten a fancy new bedliner floor treatment.  The trek to Kentucky a few weeks ago also yielded new suspension pieces, so his oversized tires won’t rub any more.

And then this happened:


It’s okay, Bovril darling, this isn’t the end. You didn’t need that anemic little four-banger anyhow.  We’ve got plans.  Big plans. A tree-crushed Explorer presented itself at the auto auction, you see, and that fender badge indicates that there’s a V8 under the hood.  We’re gonna do us a transplant.

The Explorer did require some trimming to fit into the garage, since it’s got to coexist with a canoe in a space that’s usually occupied by the much shorter Bovril or Trundle, though.  But hey, I didn’t need the roof, and it was crushed anyway.  The undamaged doors and tailgate found new homes via Craigslist, as did the wheels, taillights and rear axle.  Hopefully, everything else I don’t need will go the same route, leaving only a smallish pile of scrappables when the dust settles.  IMG_4033