Like a cheeseburger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns

f13a3098• Load the car with books and Detroit allies; prepare the trailer for cargo. Drive drive drive I say, drive. It will rain. It will snow. A casino will try to charge you $33 for a buffet. The wind will gust violently, but you will arrive in Colorado largely unscathed (except for that crack in the windshield, which has doubled in size).
• Check in to the hotel 5 minutes before your panel begins. Watch the tasks delegate themselves. Sweep through panel looking flustered and messy right out of the car. Seek out noms. Eat cheap grocery store sushi. Rest. Read. Write.
• Crash through a day with seven panels. Enjoy AnomalyCon’s very engaged and generally non-panel-hijacky audience. Meet cool new people and occasionally sell books to them. Learn that shaky stagefright hands are incompatible with tea dueling. Write a little bit. Marvel at how quickly social and physical energy reserves have been depleted.
• Load trailer with cargo for Ann Arbor. Repack everything in the morning. Warm up in tub. Discover that Square has not transferred funds yet so there’s no gas money for the drive home. Borrow cash. Drive to Des Moines for cool-people rendezvous. Discover basement barcade. Discover Zombie Burger. Sleep. Rise. Reserves still not replenished; run out of steam early. Rest. Marvel at how large your car’s back seat is; watch scenery scroll past and fade in and out of consciousness. Visit Illinois antique/folksycraft store that smells like an unfortunate combination of Febreze and poop. Consider eating at Skoog’s, have rare Cracker Barrel catfish dinner instead. Explore the evils of Moxie. Arrive home about 4 hours later than planned but feel zero regret.
• Marshall forces for the Next Thing. It’s coming fast.