Heart like a broken spring

1950_Simca8Sport_5Each day feels like a well-worn, well-used classic car that’s driven hard.  Not necessarily a sports car, perhaps a sporting car that’s just fallen into a life of spirited driving, not ever being properly restored, just maintained.  Seats like a beloved baseball glove, steering wheel worn down, old elegant curves covered with the remnants of sunburned paint and dust but the chrome still shiny underneath.  Scruffy but ready for action, those are my days.

Leaping out of the Cleveland ConCoction, I’m staring down the barrel of the Marche du Nain Rouge in Detroit, a fantastically silly ritual that’s entering its seventh year this year.  It’s superstitious burst of annual optimism, it’s a Mardi Gras-like celebration only much less messy…it’s an excuse to build a homemade, human-powered float and play noisy industrial music and dance in club clothes, to the mixed delight and annoyance of anyone forced to be near us.  This will be the NoiseWagon’s third year, and after significant damage sustained last year (as an antique child’s wagon hauling a car battery, a car radio, a big sign and eight speakers over Detroit city streets for 2 hours, that wasn’t a surprise) it’s getting a ground-up rebuild.  The end result’s going to double as a post-apoc cargo vehicle, with the sound system removed.

Which will come in handy if I make it to Wasteland Weekend this year, which I am going to try to do. But that’s for later.  The next thing after the Nain Rouge parade is AnomalyCon, less than a week later in fact, which means saddling up Armadilly for his longest road trip yet, as well as the farthest I’ve traveled for a con so far.  This should be fun.

12088339_10207617360977257_6599296368614387682_n IMG_8962

Before I’ve been home a week from that one, the Fury Road: Drop Zone event is happening.  I need to have Bovril running for that, but still need to finish the shifter install, re-do the brakes and make sure his fuel lines are clear. I’m also dressing Trundle up for the event, because he actually appears briefly in the the upcoming Empty Cradle novel (trivia!). So there are a bundle of apoc up/downgrade plans for him as well.  You’ll note that I don’t seem to have a spare weekend in which to do all of this work.

There are good reasons for doing this to myself, right?

Oh, right, it’s fun.