Gearing up


IMG_4836“I…I don’t understand why they’ve put the word ‘war’ in front of everything,” Ivy said.  “It’s not a war rig, it’s just my rig.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Shiloh replied.  “That’s just for the advertising.”

“But I do a lot of different things with it. It’s not just for war, it’s transportation, it’s my liveliehood.”

Exasperation began to struggle with amusement.  “I know.  It’s just…it’s just to make it sound more exciting.  War rigs, war bikes, war girls, you get it.”

“People dressed in war paint, bands playing war songs.  I’ll bring my war fubar.”


“Will there be war snacks?”

Shiloh giggled.  “We could bring our own.  I’ll bring my war hoops, do some war acrobatics.”

“Don’t forget to wear your war pants.”

“Of course.  And a good top.  Can’t have people seeing my war tits.”

Ivy was laughing too hard to concentrate, and had to set the grinder aside.  “Okay!  Oh God.  Let, let, let me finish this, otherwise we’re never going to get this rig’s floor fixed in time.”

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