Fury Road to Thunderdome 2015: A Reloaded Event


But seriously, the lead-up to this weekend’s event was no laughing matter.  I had a war-bike, Bovril and Terranova lined up to display, with the RV on-site to house all of my goods as well as readings, mini-performances and fortune-tellings.  When it became clear that the moho wasn’t going to be running in time, I contracted a towing company to get the rig there.  A ton of people helped me and I’m hugely grateful to y’all. Ass was busted!  Sasha helped paint and we rebuilt the table with a beautiful tarot-card top, Helena made curtains, Elaine got the interior cleaned up, Colin welded stuff, Rich and Jeremy and Steve and Jeff and Glen and Ender provided mechanical assistance.  Andrew got the bike set up.

And then it all went off the rails.  The war-bike ended up stuck in Nashville when a comedy of errors prevented me from going to get it (the tow vehicle I needed got traded in literally two days before I was supposed to borrow it; Amazon had a hitch for Armadilly which I sprung for, but their “Second Day Select” shipping actually took four days, by which time my travel window had closed).

DSC_2459On Saturday, the towing company I contracted backed out an hour before they were supposed to pick the rig up, claiming that they didn’t realize when I said “motorhome” that it was a 23-foot long, 11-foot tall vehicle and their truck was too small.  Another company could have been called, with a larger truck, but that increased the cost so I declined.  I spent some time raging at the loss of my centerpiece and performance space, and then managed to find a modicum of “the show must go on” and figured out an alternate plan.

DSC_2455And then Bovril’s front end went out.  As we were getting ready to load him onto the trailer, something went jacked up with the alignment, resulting in one front wheel pointing at two o’clock when the other was pointed at 12.  This situation’s not conducive to rolling.  I got the recalcitrant beastie on to the trailer using a couple of wheel dollies, but maneuvering Bovril at the event was a tricky affair.  But we got the stupid SOB there, and had a grand time.  There was apocalyptic roller derby combat, Eprom Colony, a fire engine that had been colonized by Burners and we got to meet the post-apoc Camaro that I’ve seen occasionally roaming Detroit for the past couple of years.  I even sold a few books!  Also, having the car parked next to the table is pretty delightful and I need to find more events that will let me do this.


(P.S.: When we got home Bovril continued to be a jerk, first trying to tear up the tow dolly, then taking out the garbage cans, one of the car skates and a few feet of landscaping while resisting being returned to the driveway.  It was like trying to get a 2700-pound cat back into its carrier.  No, Bovril, you cannot run free yet!  You can’t even roll in a straight line, you need some more work first!)

We’re definitely gonna do this again.  I think a post-apoc presence at the Dream Cruise next year might be a good lead-in to the 2016 event, but maybe that’s just me.