Event: Fury Road–DropZone, Detroit

DSC_3018The second Fury Road to Thunderdome event in Detroit was just as much fun as the first.  The Thunderdome was back, the deathmatches within were bigger and louder, Bovril was in attendance with some, ahem, upgrades, the costumes were better, and dammit there need to be more post-apocalyptic cons.  Wasteland Weekend will be fun I’m sure, but…can’t we do this every week?  This was one of those events that doesn’t feel like an escape from “real life;” it feels more like a chance to relax into the way my life should be.

There are some heavy thoughts in there, though, and it’s way too early to contemplate them too hard.  Have a bunch of pictures of awesomely costumed people meeting Empty Cradle instead.

Remember, Mad Max isn’t the *only* awesome post-apoc world out there!
“Is your hat real?” we asked. “Yes,” he said. “It tried to kill my cat, so I killed it instead.”
Salathiel Palland brought the spirit of Auntie Entity to the event and to the stage, belting out a fantastic rendition of “We Don’t Need Another Hero” to set the mood.

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