Author’s note, 9-26-09: E-books!

That’s right, if you made your way through Red over Black and really enjoyed it, you can now own your very own electronic copy!  Or, if you don’t care for e-books, you can purchase one and consider it a donation to the Please Don’t Let The Author End Up Eating Cat Food fund.  Anyway, self-promotion not being my strong suit (and, I would imagine, your patience for same being equally limited), it’s located at Smashwords and it’s got a really cool new cover as well.

If you’re enjoying Scent of Cinnamon and don’t want to wait for it to slowly finish up over the next three or four months, it will also be available on Smashwords shortly.  Unfortunately there’s already a book called The Scent of Cinnamon, so mine will be retitled 12 Steps and a Razor.  Otherwise it will be unchanged apart from minor editing.