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This weekend I’ll be at Penguicon, in Dearborn, MI, to do a few panels and make a few friends.  Drop on by to say hello!  There will be an Empty Cradle-themed table in the dealer’s room too, kitted out like a traveling merchant’s table and complete with a felid to give you a massage if you’d like.

It’s been a busy few months, what with getting the second Empty Cradle book underway and balancing promoting the first one and keeping a day job to pay the bills.  The second Empty Cradle story is currently clocking in at a healthy 41,000 words and rising.
Meanwhile, illustrator Fred Grenier has offered up a fantastic bit of fan art, in the form of Ivy’s rig.  He read the story and we chatted a bit about the background of her home and most important tool (though not stated in the book, Ivy’s rig started life as a ’69 Cadillac hearse; the pickup chassis and mutant diesel engine assembled from a collection of mostly Ford and Isuzu parts came later), and he sent me a fantastically accurate imagining of it, book cover-style:

Fred’s an awesome illustrator.  You can (and should) check out his blog, Van Full of Monkeys.