Things that are happening right this moment

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    Sneak preview of Bovril. He’s not finished yet, either.


  • Desire to Write Things is at a low ebb for some reason.  I am taking this as a part of the usual waxing and waning of whatever passes for a muse in here. This doesn’t stop the story from pounding at the door to get out, mind you; it’s just that the door is closed.
  • Work on Terranova is stalled, and outside help looks like it won’t be forthcoming. This is a grave disappointment, as I’m running out of time to have it finished for the post-apoc event that Terranova and Bovril are supposed to be a centerpiece of in October.
  • Amusing Terranova bonus: if you search for Avion motorhomes on Google, two of the five pictures of Avion Class C RVs that pop up are of Terranova.  I wonder if that will change as she becomes less and less stock-appearing?
  • I am eating comfort-food mac and cheese.  This is making things slightly better.
  • I am probably not in the mood to work, as Sashakovich and I are headed out on a little road trip this weekend to go see House on the Rock.
  • I am probably also not in the mood to work, as it’s apparently Frank Sinatra Day at work, and the Pandora station’s tuned to big-band crooner music.  I like the big bands, but the singing not so much.  This is making things slightly worse.