I don’t know why, but lately the key to productivity seems to be a (relatively) gigantic whack of caffeine and Dvorak’s Symphony 7.  Also, I am feeling guiltily irritated because a big chunk of the climax of Holly’s book involved some madness in Tianjin, China, that closely resembles the awful thing that just happened there for-real…except I wrote it like 4 months ago.  I have sympathy for those touched by the disaster, but will also admit to a self-centered feeling of crumpling up a bunch of virtual pages and chucking them into a metaphorical wire trash basket with a sigh and a, “Well, shit.”

Also: Stranger than Fiction was just a movie.  I am not responsible for this.


2 thoughts on “Speedcult

    1. That’s true. But then, not only do readers erroneously think, “oh, I know where you got THAT idea from, obviously!” but it comes across as a bit ghoulish, considering the real-world loss of life. Which is not to say that tragedies can’t be inspiration; I just prefer they be (or seem) better-disguised.

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