Smooth as hell landing or a violent trip into the trees?


Life feels like an airborne rally car at the moment. Are things under control? I think so–at least, they were when I left the ground but to be honest I won’t know for sure until we land. Life feels like we’re skating so close to the edge that a hard-bitten old police sergeant is going to call us into his office to chew us out at any minute.
We are uncertain.
And what do we do when we are uncertain? Grilled PB&J for dinner, of course. Duh.
Bovril and Terranova have both failed to be finished in time for Wasteland Weekend.  Plan D is Trundle.  Working on that now.  In other news, the first draft of Holly’s book is also done, awaiting some edits.  But first, other difficulties to tackle.
This is a dull update.  Sorry ’bout that.