Oceans of possibility

I saw this on the way to Day!Job and it made me irrationally happy.  Which, I suppose, isn’t that much of a surprise.  For one, I’m obsessed with cargo, and the idea of moving things from one place to another is weirdly pleasing to me. And I like buses, too. IMG_4168

But it also made me ramble internally about the bus itself. It’s an old Detroit city bus, clearly retired because they put the GMCs away quite a few years ago. There’s enough of it left that it doesn’t appear to be going for scrap, but it’s way too old to be a city bus any more so…where’s it going?  The thought of the new adventures this bus was bound for had my brain fizzing all the way to work.

Is it going to be an RV?

Is it going to be restored?  Or maybe pulled apart to help another classic GMC bus keep running?

Is it going to be blown up in a movie?

I got to pondering what I’d do with it.  Turning it into a moving house was the first plan, of course.  Or it could be an amazing post-apoc war beast.  Or stripped of its mechanicals and adapted into an addition onto an existing home.  Or just made into a stationary tiny home all on its own.  What if you did that with a dozen old buses?  Just linked them together like a goddman Habitrail into a funky above-ground tunnel-house?

So many possibilities.

Someone, somewhere has a new (to them) bus, and whatever they’re going to do with it, that’s pretty badass.