Let’s go space truckin’

DSC_1634There hasn’t been enough dancing for me in the past three months.  Not only is this making a hash of my writing rhythm, but I’m falling out of shape as well.  I am coming in the door late-ish (but early enough to work tomorrow morning) and noting that I’ve missed that comforting feeling of escaping the night after playing in it, making it home safe and untouched by drunk drivers and whatever else fate wants to fling at me, and curling up in my quiet safe place.  I may have hurt myself dancing to “Harsh Generation” at the fancy Mechanize event, prompting thoughts of fitness.

I won’t be succumbing to sloth in the long run, though.  I have plans in place.  If my dancing space goes away, I shall find a substitute; it’s that or stop living, after all.

Random news:  I will be at ConVergence in Minneapolis again this year, doing readings and signings and a whole bunch of post-apoc panels.  ‘Vergence is a delightful, oversized con and a lot of fun, and all six of you reading this should go.  Farther beyond that, I will be offering a big assist (and possibly be bringing one of my rigs, if finished on time) to a post-apoc themed event in Detroit, in October. More details on that as they arise.  I’m kind of a recluse so I don’t get out a lot, all things considered.  I should work on that as well.