I think I’ll go work in a bookstore


Funny thing about being a freelance writer; sometimes you make enough money, and sometimes you don’t.  And I’m not lucky enough to be earning a living writing fiction.  I’ve generally had to augment my income with a day job of one kind or another, and thanks to a recent downturn in freelancing work it looks like I’m headed into another of those phases.  I’ve done this enough times that I’m not too concerned, but this time around I’m approaching the problem differently. Rather than jumping into a new full-time job, where I’ll have to work around all the cons I’m committed to currently and figure out a writing schedule that fits around a 40-hour week, I have put in with a temp agency for part-time or full-time, short-term work.

While that percolates, I’ve also made a deal to work at my favorite independent bookstore, Off the Beaten Path Books in Farmington, MI.  Oh, what, a writer working in a bookstore?  How perfect could this be?  But it’s so much better than that. OTBP is one of the hubs of Detroit’s steampunk scene, and the store includes a performance space that’s populated by visiting authors, belly dancers, gamers and many other people and groups at various times.  I did launch parties for both of the EC books at OTBP.  OTBP is as much a social center as it is a bookstore, and even introverted little me is kind of excited at the idea of spending more time there.  Of course, I’m partly excited about organizing the books and back room, but that’s my neurosis.

Anyway, it’s pleasantly unusual to be looking forward to one of my fill-in jobs.  I’m eager to see how this goes.