Hear hear. There, there. Everywhere? Everywhere.



The year screams to a close, holidays be damned.  Writing screams along so fast it feels more like watching the story than writing it sometimes, which is very disorienting because there’s usually no warning before the moving walkway ends.

And I quietly prepare my excursions for 2016.  It’s time to go out and about, to convention, to do the social thing and remind people that my book exists (while simultaneously being somewhat mediocre at selling it, or myself.  But a kitty’s got to try).  As of now, here’s where the Empty Cradle circus (and it seriously is turning into a circus, a nomads’ caravan at the very least) will be touching down:

February 26-28:  MystiCon, Roanoke VA

March 11-13: Cleveland ConCoction, Cleveland OH

March 25-27: AnomalyCon, Denver CO

April 2:  Fury Road to Bartertown, Detroit MI

April 8-10: Steampunk Symposion, Cincinnati OH (attending not participating)

April 29-May 1:  Penguicon, Southfield MI

June 30-July 3: CONvergence, Minneapolis MN

July 22-24: Motor City SteamCon, Livonia MI