First wave dropped with autofire


This entry is for Ivy to sort her thoughts.

Two big treks coming up, maybe three, and the rigs aren’t quite ready.  Definitely not ready for tomorrow; an unexpected electrical problem’s seeing to that.  The others, there’s time to prepare.  But so much to do!

So here’s what’s to be done.  For tomorrow:  square the pursuit vehicle for a short roll.  Interior work, hood work, tires, and prep the driveshaft so we don’t fry the transmission.  Get it there and back, and don’t forget the tarp in case it rains.

After that, we’ll need to get the electrics dealt with, then go through the brakes.  With that taken care of, I can finish the interior, fix the rear lights, tow bar and suspension.  Need to steady up the rear bumper too.  I’d love a new engine, but that really can’t happen, it may leave us entirely stranded if I do.  If that goes well, it can trek in July.

While that’s happening there’s the house-rig.  Sweet banana, getting its heart back in is dragging.  But I can get help with that, that’s priority.  If it keeps dragging, I still need the fuel pump, alty, doors and the house electrics worked out, so I can find out if the water works.  Water heater then, and finish the roof repairs.  Crashbars front and rear, small defense, interior boxing, that stuff will come along the way.  Homebase the tent attachment.  Might need to find tires also.  I can do that in six months, provided I can find enough trade.

And if it doesn’t get done, then I’ll just make the long trip in the pursuit vehicle.  Less provisions that way. Less comfort too.  But it’ll work out.  If the house-rig does get done, then I can think about the pursuit vehicle’s heart.  Only then, though.

So many things.  But after tomorrow, more time to think about them.  It’ll be okay.