Do not try this at home. Or anywhere.

Ss-mad-max-fury-road-118It’s kind of a throwaway moment, a business-as-usual snippet from Mad Max: Fury Road (which, no, I will not stop talking about, thank you very much), and it also marks Nux as one of the stoniest, boldest, bravest mofos ever to grace the big screen.  Nux has more brass than all of the Expendables put together.

The moment in question is when our group of protagonists is just getting into the climactic chase, and the War Rig is faltering somewhat.  Someone needs to do some quick on-the-fly repairs, and Nux immediately volunteers, casual as can be.  No big deal, right?  Just a couple of tweaks to the War Rig.

Yeah, well, imagine working on your car. Under your car, to be specific.

Now imagine it’s running.

Now imagine it’s moving.  And it’s not on a paved road, so things are far from smooth.

Now imagine that anything you fumble-finger and drop in the course of working–nuts, screws, tools–is effectively gone forever.  (As an experiment, I imagined this scenario while I worked on Terranova in the driveway.  In the space of five minutes, I lost two motor mount bolts, a socket wrench, a hose clamp, the screwdriver I removed it with and an entire alternator bracket.)  Did I mention that the vehicle is running, so everything that isn’t spinning fast enough to snatch your fingers off is scalding hot?

Now imagine all of that, plus at any minute some dickhead might just decide to throw a harpoon through you, or set you on fire.  Or maybe the rig will just run over a motorcycle and what’s left of it will come scraping and banging right into the workspace you’re strapped to.

And Nux just straight-up said he’d go and take care of that, without a witty comment about how much it was going to suck or even a look that said, “Man I don’t wanna do this.”  Shit, I grumble when I have to crawl under the rig just to check things out, and it’s sitting quietly in the driveway.  And he fixed the damn thing too!  Jack Traven didn’t fix the bus and wound up punching a hole in the gas tank.  Indiana Jones barely made it back topside and he wasn’t even trying to diagnose a running problem; he just wanted to fuck up some Nazis.  Give Nux a virtual fist bump and Jules Winnfield’s wallet, because this particular blackthumb is the most badass motherfucker in this movie.