Demoralization tango

IMG_5358Up and down weekend, overall.  Up, because Holly’s book has officially reached its Second Full Edit stage, with necessary changes and course corrections made and ready for the next read-through.  Down, because (due in part to chilly weather) not much progress was made on vehicle projects.  It was a weekend of being stonewalled by a bicycle, by Terranova, by Bovril and by the Beardog.  Never mind that we fixed Trundle’s axle, installed Bovril’s oil pan and pickup, replaced the Beardog’s fuel filter and got the cargo bike properly rebuilt this week; Sunday is a time of feeling one’s failures, and worrying that they’ll become (or remain) insurmountable obstacles.

IMG_5359 IMG_5364

Really everyone seems bent on being particularly difficult just right now.  The Beardog’s still running poorly, with hesitation issues, plus the release rod for the spare tire has gone missing.  Bovril’s Next Project is the installation of the new pedal box, which is a contortionist’s nightmare, and the reinstallation of the cooling fan, whose bolts have gone missing.  Terranova’s instrument panel and driveshaft are the current challenges with the RV: one is a hopelessly complicated tangle of not-quite-educated guesswork while the other requires a trip to a machine shop to have the driveshaft shortened by what we sincerely hope is the correct amount.  Even Armadilly’s windshield is leaking puddles onto the floor.  Vehicular life feels extremely difficult right now.  Will Terra or Bovril ever run, or is a depressing junkyard I-give-up trip in the eventual offing?  As many things as we know and can do, it always seems like there’s just one mre task we lack the knowledge for.