Cheap Chinese stares that just won’t let go


  1. It was a long tiring day, so I got cheap Chinese from my favorite place instead of sticking to my “don’t spend extra money on food; eat leftovers and make stuff at home” edict this week.  And I feel good about this decision.
  2. I tend to people-watch, because there are always bits to be skimmed for story-moments and character-building.  But every so often a voice laughs and says, “Oh, man, I am gonna ogle the shit out of you, miss,” and I usually make a conscious effort to turn my back and/or look elsewhere before I do.  As a result I may appear to be deliberately ignoring people sometimes.
  3. There must be a subconscious psychological component at work with people who just won’t leave the cashier when there’s someone else waiting.  Too frequently it seems like the person ahead of me isn’t ready to let go of their Cashier Experience, asking more and more ridiculous questions just to keep the interaction going, or to make their turn last longer.  I don’t understand.  I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose, either.  At the pharmacy today, the guy ahead of me had already paid when I walked up, but then turned around to ask the pharmacist a random question. Then he started to go, but turned around to ask the pharmacist what time it was.  Then he started to go, but turned around to ask the pharmacist to look at his watch and see if it was correct.  (Wait…you are wearing a watch and you asked the time?)  Then he started to go, but turned around to ask the pharmacist’s name (it was on his badge), and then how to spell it.  Then he started to go, but turned around to tell the pharmacist that he has a nephew with the same name (Okay, scrawny white man, I’m putting long odds on your having a nephew named Raj, but you do you, I guess).  Then he started to go, but turned around to ask…well, you get the point.  At times like this I have to resist the urge to shout, “Your turn is finished! Leave now, leave now!”
  4. Holly’s story is proceeding; about 6 pages added this week.  Are progress reports worthwhile?  Anyway, it’s at 229 pages.  Not sure of the word count off the top of my head.
  5. Ivy’s cars are also proceeding. Which is good–we’re down to three weeks before the event, now.  On the one hand, that’s plenty of time.  On the other, looking out at Bovril, who doesn’t have an axle or an interior, and Terranova, whose engine still isn’t attached to the frame, who doesn’t run, who isn’t painted yet, and whose front end and interior are still in pieces…it doesn’t feel like nearly long enough.  Goif.