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November 18: Word count: 138,655.
Favorite sentence today: “What’s a helicopter?” Ivy asked.

November 19: Word count: 139,497.
Favorite sentence today: “Whatever you need to say, time is running short to say it.”

November 20: Word count: 141,184.
Favorite sentence(s) today: She found Ivy back in the employee break room, looking at one of the vending machines. “How do you get the food out?” she asked.

November 21: Word count; 143,347.
Favorite sentence(s) today: “Is something burning?”
“Yes,” Ivy said.
“Is it on purpose?”
“Oh, good.”

November 22: Word count: 143,693.
Excuse: TeslaCon, 7-hour drive (in which story-building was done but no words put down), exhaustion. So, no excuse, really.
Favorite sentence: As they watched, there was a louder, deeper boom accompanied by a ball of orange that wafted merrily up into the smoke.

November 23: Word count: 145,327
Favorite sentence today: “The kid lost his head and lit a big fuse.”

November 24: World count: 146,797
Favorite sentence today: “Everywhere I look, all the feeds, all the stations, everything’s about Aiyana and Haichen and their stupid baby and the stupid party,” she grumbled.

November 25: Word count: 148,955
Favorite sentence today: That thought made no sense at all, and pushed her back into a consciousness she didn’t remember leaving.