Molly was on the outskirts of New York City when Eddie called her.  “Seen CNN?” he asked in his most condescending tone.

“Of course not, I’m in my car.  What’s happening?”

“I called them with a tip, and now Lexi’s live.”  He sounded incredibly pleased with himself.  “Police chase.  They picked her up in Jersey, and she ran.  She’s still headed toward the city.”

She wanted to ask him why in hell he’d do something like that, but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being upset.  “I hope you’ve got the name of a lawyer for me.”

“Of course I do.  He’s waiting for you to call.”  Eddie gave her a name and a number.  “And I’m going to put Nikki on a plane out there first thing in the morning.”

“What for?”

“Three heads are better than two.  She can help you out with Lexi, too.  Lexi listens to her.”

“I think I can handle Lexi myself,” Molly said coldly.

“Not if you’re planning to play lawyer and do what I think you’re going to do to the Packards, you can’t.”

She sighed.  “Do you have something from Ian?”

Eddie hesitated for a moment.  “Yeah, I got something.  I’ll send it with Nikki.”

“What is it?”

“Correspondence.  Some ledgers.”

“Good enough.  Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, his grin audible.  “Does this mean you’ll treat me to dinner?”

“I don’t have enough airtime to explain to you all of the reasons that’s not going to happen, Eddie.  I have to go.  Hopefully, Lexi will get herself arrested instead of doing something stupid and tacky like dying, and when that happens, I’d like to be there.”

“Good luck.”

Molly hung up without replying.  She immediately dialed the number Eddie had given her, and gave her name to the secretary who answered.  “I know it’s after office hours, ma’am.  He should be waiting for my call.”

She drummed her fingers on the wheel and looked through the windshield at the darkening sky while she waited two minutes longer than she should have.  “Hello, Miss Snow,” a voice finally said.  Midwestern accent, a bit nasal.

“Hello, Mr. Gaylord.  How much did Eddie tell you?”

“Most of it.  I’m watching the chase on television right now.”

Dammit!  Molly had to get to a TV.  She hated feeling like everyone knew more than she did.  “Where’s your office?  I’ll come there, if there’s time, and I can tell you what I need to do.”

“You’ll have time,” Gaylord said.  He sounded pompous, in addition to the Indiana accent.  “She’s just crossing the GWB.”