1997 Monaco Signature Series 40′

Gail ended up chatting briefly with Lexi, Molly and Glen on-camera, and it ran with the lunchtime news.  Danny Packard and Tierson saw the tape from the relative comfort of a motorhome that had been procured as a mobile base of operations.  The police force in Hamilton hadn’t been willing to let their mobile base leave the city limits to follow the chase.  Tierson had been prepared to charge the RV to Marjori’s police department, but Danny had produced a platinum credit card and paid for the $220,000 vehicle out of his pocket.  “For the good of the country,” he said. 

As a result of this philanthropy, they were able to watch the news while they were driven toward Last Salt, where a helicopter was to meet them and get them ahead of the fleeing cars.  Tierson was torn between a desire to be at the forefront of the pursuit, and to have a central nerve center through which all communications could run.  He was considering putting Danny and an officer in charge of the RV and going up in the helicopter himself.

“This is absurd,” Danny said of the television interview, which he’d stopped paying attention to.

“It’s a massive, ego-driven error on their behalf, though.  We know they’re in Bread.  I’m going to concentrate our resources on finding those two cars.  The expert who studied the tape from the cave says they are an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spyder and an Allard J2.  And we know the identities of the drivers and passengers.  Lexi is clearly the ringleader.”

“I can’t believe that Dobie would be involved in something like this,” Danny said.  “I’m sure she’s got him all turned around in some kind of emotional web.”

Tierson nodded absently.  “The cars shouldn’t be hard to track down.  They won’t be able to move without being seen.”

“How many cars are left?”

“Five, but I’ve been telling the press there are three.  We have Lars Olufsson and one of the Americans in custody, after that crash near Bread this afternoon.”

Danny knew Lars in passing, though not to speak to.  “Were they injured?”

Tierson shook his head.  “Minor injuries.”  One of the three cell phones on the console rang, and he picked it up.  “Tierson.  Yes, sir, we’re on our way to Last Salt now.  I saw the news.”  He listened, then nodded.  “Excellent, sir.  I had planned to do exactly that.  Thank you.”  He hung up and smiled.  “That was Carino Rhoades.  He wants us to concentrate on finding Crane as well, and he’s sending two specialists to meet us at the helicopter.”

“What kind of specialists?”

“One thing you need to learn about Ile du Soleil, Danny.  When the government sends a ‘specialist,’ there’s no need to ask what kind.  Just stay out of his way.”