How did we get here again?


November 11: Word count: 126,758.
Favorite sentence today: Bee let out a deafening, drilling wail of anguish that sounded not at all human.

November 12: Word count: 128,480.
Favorite sentence today: “Hold,” Shiloh said, stopping at the snack tray long enough to grab a double handful of grapes, cheese and edamame.

November 13:  Word count: 130,614.
Favorite sentence today: “We’ll have to find you some more appropriate clothes before then,” he added with a chuckle.

November 14: Word count: 132,544.
Favorite sentence today: “I probably made it worse, didn’t I?”

November 15: Word count: 133,041.  (Between writing in public, the discovery of unexploded emotional ordinance, and the visceral experience of a Skinny Puppy concert–all in rapid succession–Sunday was a strange and unsettling day.)
Favorite sentence today: Shamshoun looked in the direction of the ocean for a while, feeling the drumbeat of the world, then returned to the car.

November 16: Word count: 135,266. Bah,
Favorite sentence today: As they took in the fact of a huge naked man in front of them and realized what it meant, Shamshoun shifted and lunged into the elevator with them.

November 17: Word count; 137,257.
Favorite sentence today: “What am I gonna do with a pile of money, tubachick?” Narooma shouted.