EMPTY CRADLE: Shiloh in the Circle

Shiloh in the Circle
Shiloh is a star, a headlining performer with Gallamore’s Traveling Extravaganza. She’s afforded luxuries that aren’t often seen in the communities and walled cities that pepper what was once North America, and as such she’s largely isolated from the dangers of life “out in the dirt.” Embroiled in circus politics and in denial of her shapeshifter heritage, Shiloh’s about to discover that the enigmatic queen of the felids wants an audience with her–and it’s not a request. Soon she finds that a scavenger named Ivy and a persistent shifter named Kissel may be all that stands between her and a diva’s worst fear–disappearing without a trace.


The second novel in Emmy Jackson’s post-apocalyptic urban-fantasy series is arriving and will be for sale at Off the Beaten Path Books in Farmington, and it’s bringing a whole world with it. For one afternoon, visit the world of Empty Cradle and Gallamore’s Travelling Extravaganza, with snacks, circus performances, shiny things to trade for and a reading and Q&A with the author.

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