Clatter and bump: Gathering of the Tribes pt. 1

*blows off the dust*  

IMG_2492At first Ivy protested the idea of staying in Strip City, citing her previous experiences there. Holly agreed with her, but also pointed out that Strip City had the best hospitals anywhere, and Swan still needed at least two more operations to restore her teeth.

“They can’t fix her anywhere else outside of the Brother Nations,” she said. “Especially not out in the dirt. She won’t have a chance to heal properly either.” In addition to the obvious physical wounds Swan had received a substantial closed-head injury at the hands of the Excelsis’ crew, and some days she had trouble keeping her balance. She blustered as well as every but Holly and Ivy could tell she was nowhere near ready to fight.

“Dallas has hospitals,” Ivy offered.

“You said she won’t go to Dallas because of her family.”

“Norleans, then.”

Holly frowned. “That’s even farther, and we don’t have a vehicle.” Ivy’s face changed, and she guessed the look was resignation. “Don’t worry. The Ivory Sisters have us well hidden. We won’t have any trouble.”

“I just don’t like it here,” Ivy said.

“I know. On the bright side, the hospital care is paid for if it’s done here.”

“Are you looking for excuses not to go out in the dirt?”

“No. I’ll go when it’s time. Are you looking for excuses to leave?”

“Maybe,” she said with a half-smile. The scar by her eye gave her face the hint of a wink.

Ivy didn’t complain again, and busied herself hiding from the bustle and noise of Strip City as she prepared for cross-country travel with six people in tow–seven, if Bee continued to travel with them. Once that would have been a source of frustration and stress, but she was quickly becoming comfortable having a tribe with her. They’d need a bigger rig.