November 4: Word count: 113,226.
Favorite sentence today: The bustle and controlled chaos of the market, the pleasing moment of finding just the right dragonfruit.

November 5: Word count: 114,446.
Favorite sentence(s) today:
“You’re expecting a fight?” Holly asked.
“You’re not?” Narooma replied, raising her eyebrows.

November 6:  Word count: 116,869.
Favorite sentence today: The axe didn’t look sharp, but it struck the side of his neck and cleaved straight through; his head popped off like a snipped flower.

November 7:  Word count: 119,755.
Favorite sentence today: “I trust you not to strap a bomb to yourself, for what little that would ultimately accomplish.”

November 8:  Word count: 121,392.
Favorite sentence today: “Smelled that it had the crazy, tried to bounce.”

November 9:  Word count: 123,716.
Favorite sentence(s) today: The pants hugged her thighs and dipped under the little pouch of her belly in a way that made Shiloh feel aware of the muscle and the curves that sheathed it, two kinds of power wrapped into a single entity. She felt cute. She felt gorgeous, and predatory, and otherworldly.

November 10:  Word count: 125,009.
Favorite sentence today: Shiloh realized that she actually liked Bee, or at least felt protective of her, which was odd since she couldn’t recall ever having met a felid that she liked.