go zyu yon

“Where’s Nikki?” Andrew asked as Valentine came through the door alone.

“Don’t know,” was the reply.  “She wasn’t there.”

He frowned.  “What do you mean, she wasn’t there?”

“I went to the hotel you told me to, and she wasn’t there, man.  I knocked on the door and no one answered.  The front desk said she checked out or something.”

Andrew sighed heavily.  “Shit.”  Dennis had already arrived, and Rob was due in about five minutes.

“Maybe she took a taxi.”

“Shit!  Liz is late, too.”  He’d been looking forward to doing a good deed for Liz, who needed it, and now it was falling apart.  He’d already called Liz’ house and gotten no answer. He could try calling Nikki again. The optimist in him wanted to believe that her friend had changed her mind and they were both on their way, just delayed, but the optimist’s hunches were, unfortunately, rarely correct.

“No problem,” Valentine said.  “I have something to keep everyone occupied.”   He pulled a videotape from one of the deep pockets of his trenchcoat.