“Once more into the breech,” said the shell casing.

It’s time for Penguicon!

1937_HudsonTerraplane_6Will you, one of the four people who reads this regularly, be there?  Come and find me in the Writer’s Block, which is Penguicon’s new literary equivalent of an artist’s alley.  I know it will be a fun place, because it was about 80% my idea for them to have one!

If you’ve never been, P’con is a lovely, medium-sized con with one of the most diverse crowds of any I’ve been to outside of the city-sized monsters like Dragon*Con.  Penguicon works hard to make itself a safe and comfortable space without spoiling the fun, and they succeed quite well in creating a unique environment.

I’m also doing panels at Penguicon, for the first time in, um, four years or so.  The last time I paneled at P’con it was pretty disastrous and I was really unhappy with my performance at pretty much every discussion I was in.  So I’m nervous…but am also reminded by my imaginary friends that those cock-ups were, literally, approximately 80 panels ago.  Odds favor it being fine–entertaining, even.

So, stop by.  If you know the secret word, I’ll give you a free book.