Brains on the dashboard: Gathering of the Tribes, Pt. 9

Diesel-Heart’s shotgun had done a good job taking out the Inchin truck’s driver. It had also shredded the instrument panel, part of the interior, and blown out the driver’s window.  Apart from that, it was the shiniest, newest rig Ivy had ever laid hands on.  The blood was wiped up quickly enough, but Ivy wasn’t sure how reliable the truck’s electronics would be.  So many wires and electrical bits!  Everything seemed to work, so she decided to deal with any emergencies as they came.  The rest of the group helped to transfer some of the cargo, and she’d look at the Inchin gear that was aboard later.  Before anything else she wanted to get out of Oksee as quickly as possible.  

Even so, it took most of the morning to get moving.  Shiloh’s rig was chained to the back of the bigger truck, and Ivy was relieved to get on the road before Shiloh and Diesel-Heart could load up any more knickknacks and unnecessary supplies from the market. She dispatched the two of them to find a piece of material to fill the hole where the window had been, which they did.  The sheet of clear plastic thumped and wobbled with the wind, but it would keep the inevitable rain off. 

It felt better to be out of the rough little town, rolling west into a land that got more desolate by the hour.  In addition to being more secure and faster, the Inchin rig was much more spacious inside, giving Shiloh and Diesel-Heart more room to stretch out in back.