Writing Challenge #3: “Baby!”

Based on the sentence below, write a story of anywhere between 500-5000 words. As before, genre, etc. are wide open. This time I’ll choose the five best stories to post–though I reserve the right to add to that number for thoroughly awesome entries–and I will link to whatever blogs, etc. the author would like me to as well. Stories remain the property of the contributor. (These challenges are becoming more and more popular, so in the event that I ever decide to publish a collection of said stories, I will contact contributors for permission and discuss compensation at that time.) Using the sentence in the story itself is a plus, but not necessary. Meaningless bonus points are added if it’s the first sentence:

It was several seconds before Thomas realized that the baby in the sky was headed straight for him.

Submissions should be emailed to me via emmy (izzat) elepent.com. Format doesn’t matter; I can accept email enclosures or attached Word documents. The deadline for entries is March 1, 2010.