Short Story Challenge: “Intern”

I’m not 100% certain about this one, which strikes a balance between too vague and too specific, and might not be as arresting as the previous challenges.  It leaves the field a bit wider open, and presents less opportunities for mindless gore than before, though there are certainly interesting places to take it.  But in the spirit of doing things differently every time, I’m going to go with it anyhow.

Based on the sentence below, write a story of anywhere between 500-5000 words.  Genre, etc. are wide open. Using the sentence in the story itself is a plus, but not necessary.  Meaningless bonus points are added if it’s the first sentence:

“As the door to the ice cream parlor burst open, I briefly considered the naked intern on the table in front of me and guessed that the agreement was probably off.”

As before, the best five submissions (+1 if something’s too cool to leave out) will be published here at Looking for Strange, with attribution and links to your website if you’d like.  I now have the technology to include images as well, for any artistically-minded contributors!

Submissions are due 5/1/2010, and can be sent to me at emmy (at) elepent (dot) com.  All submissions remain the property of the creators.

Looking forward to this round!